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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag removal using plasma technology. The skin tags are numbed at home before the treatment. The procedure is very quick and will leave a small scab on the skin until healed. Straight forward tags are priced at £30 for your first tag and £4 for every other tag after that. Larger cluster areas are priced accordingly. 
Please contact for more information 

Swedish Massage

A soothing and relaxing massage that is personalised to your needs. This can be firm or gentle to suit your preference.

Back  25 min £20

          40 min £27

Full Body 55 min £33


Deep Tissue Massage

This is a strong intense massage that will help to relieve tension, tightness and soreness in the muscles.

Back 25 min £24

         40 min £30

Full Body 55min £35

Hot Stone Massage

A very relaxing and soothing massage that uses Swedish massage techniques along with the hot stones. Stones are held in the therapist’s hands and then gently massaged over the body, heating up the muscles and unwinding the mind. The stones can also be used for a more deeper intense massage to relieve muscle ache and pains.

Back 30 min £22

         45 min £30

Full Body 60 min £35

hot stone massage blossom beauty

Pre Blended Aromatherapy Massage

Extremely relaxing, flowing massage using lymphatic drainage techniques and an aroma suited to you. Includes a face and scalp massage.
70min £38

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle or firm massage using Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. Includes a face and scalp massage. Recommended from 12 weeks to 40 weeks. 

Back 25 min £25

         40 min £30

Full body 65 min £40

Indian Head Massage

A great stress and tension reliving massage. It includes full scalp, face, neck, shoulders, hand and arm massage.

30 min £22

Full Body Salt Scrub Massage

A full body Swedish massage that is exfoliated with salt scrub after each area. Heated towels are used to remove the salt and then body lotion is massaged in. This includes face and scalp 

1 hour 15 min £40

Full Body Salt Scrub

Body is exfoliated with sea salt scrub with a heated towel removal and the body lotion is massaged into each area.

40 min £30

Back Cleansing Treatments

Back Facial 

Your back is cleansed and then exfoliated with salt scrub. It is then steamed and any blackheads are removed. Moisturiser is massaged in to finish.

25 minutes £25

Purifying Back Treatment

This treatment is designed for more acne prone skins that are suffering with a higher volume of breakouts. This is the skin peel for your back.

The skin is cleansed and exfoliated. A prep solution is worked over the back to gain the best results. The peel is now applied and left on for a few minutes and then a cooling masque is applied.

50 minutes £52

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